Service, Safety and Security at our Events

The safety and security of our staff and attendees is our priority. We work closely with the venue and local and national authorities to identify and assess risks and develop security plans for our events.

Everyone attending our events should be aware of the following:

    • Customer Service staff may approach you to assist you outside, at entry or inside the event
    • Staff and attendees are required to wear ID badges provided
    • Bag checks are in operation at our events
    • Walkthrough or hand held scanners may be in operation at our events
    • CCTV in operation at our events is monitored and recorded
    • Uniformed and covert Security Guards are in attendance at our events
    • Uniformed and covert Police are in attendance at some of our events
    • Canine Security and Detection is in operation at some of our events

Everyone attending our events is requested to:

    • Keep personal property with them at all times and do not leave any items unattended
    • Report anything that looks unusual, suspicious or just out of place to a member of event staff
    • Remain patient and courteous with event staff undertaking security checks
    • Follow the instructions of event staff at all times
    • On their final visit to the event, dispose of their badge inside the event or when they’ve returned home, not in bins immediately outside the event
    • Carry a recognised form of photo ID with them at all times

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