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    Hong-yeol Im the general manager of the News Coverage Department at BeautyNury (the cosmetic newspaper) and a journalist specialising in cosmetics and beauty treatment, is known for his in-depth analytic cosmetic articles. As the leader of the Global Trend Team at BeautyNury, he has exclusively covered a variety of professional conferences at major beauty exhibitions held in the US, Italy, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, and many more.

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  • 1) SOLAPEARLS® Active Color< SUP> by Solabia Group (Stand L40) 
    Solabia Group’s SOLAPEARLS® Active Color® is a 3D-based next-generation capsule. The 3D pearl particles are excellent both in appearance and in efficacy. You can select from; pearly luster, matte or transparent appearances all of which display colour in various ways. It’s applied mainly for anti-pollution and anti-ageing purposes.

    2) Vantage Encapsulants by Vantage (Stand L40) 
    articles that can be applied with various ingredients within the matrix. It can deliver a unique visual appearance to consumers through personal hygiene products and cosmetic products by using an excellent capsule technology of various sizes and colours. It has a broad range of uses such as: cleansing, skincare, haircare, suncare and hand sanitization.

    3) Encapsulation Technology (Oil Capsule) by Biogenics, Inc. (Stand F21)
    For Biogenics’ ‘Oil Capsule’, up to 60% of oil could be applied to the core area, and the external part is coated with a film made of agar. ‘Oil Capsule’ is to prevent the oxidation of oil and to be rapidly absorbed into your skin. Accordingly, this product can be utilised

    4) Silasoma; Microcapsule, encapsulated UV absorbers by Seiwa Kasei Co., Ltd. (Stand N10) 
    Seiwa Kasei’s ‘Silasoma’ series is the UV absorber of a silicon-silk hybrid polymer. While common UV absorbers are sticky on the skin, ‘Silasoma’ has a unique structure allowing for a soft and smooth application. At the same time, it has proved to be clinically safe for the elderly and those suffering from atopic dermatitis and serious dermatopathy.

    5) Lipobead® Detox with Charcoal by Vantage (Stand L40)
    Lipobead® Detox containing charcoal is in the form of small and black beads with the average size of 700 microns. This capsule consists of cellulose induced naturally, and its matrix contains activated charcoal. If manufactured as a product, it would melt on the skin and be applied softly, absorbing and neutralising pollutants to make your skin clear and bright.

    6) NanoWhite by Mibelle AG Biochemistry (Stand C18)
    ‘NanoWhite’ is a liposome preparation that realises an excellent brightening effect with the combination of strong whitening ingredients and antioxidants. In relation to skin pigmentation caused by ageing, stress and pollution, it suppresses the activation of tyrosinase while enhancing the activation of glutathione and Vitamin C that feature whitening and antioxidation.

    7) Ameliox by Mibelle AG Biochemistry (Stand C18)
    ‘Ameliox’ is a liposome preparation that combines two strong oil antioxidants. As a result of clinical testing, the elasticity and moisture of the skin were seen to increase, and the wrinkles on the forehead had been improved by 24% after one month of application.

    8) Delivery Systems by Evonik Personal Care (Stand D21)
    Evonik’s ‘Delivery Systems’ improve the performance of cosmetic active agents through innovative technologies to stabilise your skin and deliver effective substances. It has already undergone a performance test and this customised capsule solution can be utilised for various purposes, including anti-pollution, anti-ageing/ anti-wrinkle, AHA/BHA, anti-cellulite/ slimming, hydration/ moisturising and lifting.

    9) Encapsulation Technology (BioGenic Magicolor/MagicBead series) by Biogenics, Inc. (Stand F21) 
    Biogenics’ ‘Magicolor/MagicBead’ series allows hidden colours to show on the skin dramatically upon application. The series can be used in foundations, compacts, lipsticks, cleansers and many more products. The size of ‘Magicolor’ is 50~300μm, and ‘MagicBead’ 0.3~1mm, showing that Biogenics can cover all range size of dry capsules with/without colour changing concept.

    10) Encapsulation Florasomes by Floratech (Stand F60)
    Floratech’s ‘Encapsulation Florasomes’ is a capsule optimised for personal care products. Based on the softness of jojoba, it softly delivers useful ingredients to your skin. The broad range of vitamins, fragrance ingredients, pigments and other customised additives can be applied using ‘Encapsulation Florasomes’.

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