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Marketing Trends & Regulations 2020

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  • 10:30 - 11:15

    Global Skincare Prospects: Understanding Market Landscape with Consumer and Retail Analysis

    Euromonitor International will speak about industry snapshot of global skin care, with deep-dive into Asia Pacific market. Find out what issues skin care market embeds and which brands are doing well. To better understand prospective market and to carry out strategic direction, studying consumer and retail landscape will be the key factor. Euromonitor will also discuss further on consumer and retail analysis, in relation to skin care industry.

    Speaker: Lisa Hong, Senior Analyst, Euromonitor

    11:30 - 12:15

    Re-inventing Green: Story & product concept outlook

    For the first time in history, we are facing environmental symptoms such as natural catastrophes and pollution caused by humanity. As this is creating a clear awareness among consumers that sustainability is not a fast-passing marketing trend, but an urgent necessity, it is here to stay. BEAUTYSTREAMS highlights the challenges and opportunities for eco-friendly development and how the topic can be approached through different aesthetics and different storytelling directions strategies. Discover how these will be translated into textures and effects in skin care, personal care, and color cosmetics.

    Speaker: Jayanne Jin, EVP, Business development, BEAUTYSTREAMS

    13:00 - 13:45

    The latest digital and technology trends impacting Beauty and consumer trends

    Disruptive technologies have reinvented the beauty experience in the way consumers shop and interact with brands and social media has become the driving force for the creation of new product development and marketing decisions. 
    Join this session to learn more about how smart technology is opening new opportunities of beauty disruption to ultimately get closer and more personal with consumers.
    We will also discuss the role of A.I, data and analytics in the prediction of future trends to drive new product development and how these trends will shape the future of cosmetics and personal care.

    Speaker: Sumit Chopra, Director Research Analysis, Globaldata

    14:00 - 14:45

    Establishing brand loyalty in the global cosmetics industry

    K-beauty shows no signs of slowing down, but no single brand can boast having the strongest customer loyalty as new products continue to flood the global market.
    This session will assess the impact that Korean beauty is having on Western beauty culture as well as the challenges brands face in winning customer loyalty in both a saturated home market as well as overseas. Discussion will include: Marketing differences, generational divide and social media; purchasing behaviour; economics.

    Speaker: Jude Chao, Director of Marketing, BeautyTap

    15:00 - 15:45

    The future of Halal beauty

    Thanks to more informed customers and greater focus on health and wellbeing, a whole new outlook on ageing has emerged and forcing companies to adapt to changing perceptions of aging.
    In this session, we will discuss how this sector is evolving and what impact a rapidly aging region has on innovation and purchasing behaviour.

    Speaker: Julie Nubani, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, Shade M Beauty

    16:00 - 16:45

    Where tradition meets modern beauty 

    As the world turns towards "natural" and organic beauty products, there has been a growing influence and popularity of ancient beauty treatments in treating modern problems, from Argan oil and Matcha to Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. This session will explore the resurgence of traditional beauty regimens and how brands are staying ahead of the curb by turning towards these ancient practices.

    Speaker: Asia Cosme Labs

    10:30 - 11:15

    How K-beauty has changed the landscape of skincare in the West

    K-Beauty has not only been a trend in Asia but has been expanding its territory in Western markets. The US market - the biggest pie in the world has been focusing on K-Beauty brands and products. Recently, K-Beauty has been aggressively entering major markets such as the UK, France and Russia. Is this just a temporary phenomenon or will K-beauty go far beyond?

    In this session, we will discuss how K-Beauty has seduced Western millennials and post-millennials as major consumer groups, as well as the influence of the “Hallyu”, Korean wave, on their perception of beauty, giving more attention to skincare and Korean skincare routines.

    Innovative products, brand strategies and technologies will be highlighted, as well as the future of K-Beauty in western markets.

    Speaker: Mike Sohn, Senior Researcher, REACH24H

    11:30 - 12:15

    Edible beauty: The convergence of food and skin care

    The movement among consumers to eat more natural, organic and cleaner foods that help promote better health and wellbeing has created a recent fast-growing trend: Functional food and drink products designed specifically for cosmetic purposes.

    This presentation will discuss future trends and what new opportunities for innovation are being created for beauty and personal care.

    Speaker: Sumit Chopra, Director Research Analysis, Globaldata

    13:00 - 13:45

    Innovations in Probiotic skincare

    The use of probiotics targeting skin microbiome has been the focus of much attention in recent years. In this session, we discuss its commercial, scientific and regulatory opportunities for both topical use and food supplements.

    Speaker: Nicole Fall, Founder, Asian Consumer Intelligence

    14:00 - 14:45

    Personalised beauty prescription

    Customizable beauty is on the rise for creating the right fit for every person, with customers evermore dictating what they want in and out of their products.

    This session will examine how brands are taking it to the next level, with the help of technology and taking lessons from personalised medicine to tailor personal care products to match each clients’ genetic makeup.

    Speaker: TBC

    15:00 - 15:45

    Ageless beauty: The evolution of anti-ageing to embracing aging

    Thanks to more informed customers and greater focus on health and wellbeing, a whole new outlook on ageing has emerged and forcing companies to adapt to changing perceptions of aging.
    In this session, we will discuss how this sector is evolving and what impact a rapidly aging region has on innovation and purchasing behaviour.

    Speaker: Tbc

    10:30 - 11:30

     Asia-Pacific Cosmetic Regulatory Update:  China Taiwan, Korea, Japan, ASEAN and Australia

    Beyond the significant regulatory changes of Mainland China, cosmetic regulations in other Asia-Pacific countries are continually being amended and updated.  China Taiwan and Korea, for example, have overhauled their respective overarching cosmetic regulations; Japan has made several refinements to its cosmetic ingredient standards; Halal regulations in Malaysia are being implemented; and Australia will be implementing its AICIS regulatory scheme for cosmetics in 2020. Considering these changes will greatly affect stakeholders' business decisions or operations, REACH24H will provide a review of all major cosmetic policy activity and hot spots in the Asia-Pacific region over the past year with emphasis on Australia, Japan, Korea, China Taiwan, and ASEAN regulations.

    Speaker: REACH24H

    11:45 - 12:30

     Transformations in male grooming and gender-less beauty

    According to research, the men’s personal care industry is expected to reach $166bn by 2022, in which the APAC market represents one of the fastest-growing regions. We delve into key trends that are defining the men’s grooming market and the hurdles for brands in a fiercely innovative and competitive market where non-male specific make-up is already becoming popular with men.

     Speaker: Asia Cosme Lab

    13:00 - 13:45

    New trends and technologies in skin protection  


    Speaker: TBC

    14:00 - 14:45

    Colour Cosmetics – trendsetters and disruptors.

    The so-called “selfie” generation coupled with the exponential growth and transparency of social media has meant that more and more consumers are willing to experiment with their looks - from eye brows to contouring. The impact has not just seen the growth of product development, but also demand for ancillary products such as lip kits and brushes.

    This session will explore the movers and shakers in the colour cosmetics market; what will be the next wave as well as key tactical and strategic developments entered by emerging and established players.





    How beauty brands are embracing the circular economy 

    The move towards a circular economy is gaining momentum and we expect to see more strategies involving sustainable packaging materials, upcycling and recycling of nutrients, as well as new retail formats.
    In this session, we discuss how brands can embrace circularity and rethink how waste and by-products are utilised.

     Speaker: TBC




    What’s next in haircare?


    Speaker: TBC

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